Q: How often does this page update?

A: Look in the header, genius. Mondays and Thursdays, unless I'm ill or absent-minded or something.

Q: Aren't you just ripping off Darths & Droids here?

A: I'm inspired by it, obviously. But the setting is different, I'm trying to come up with my own brand of funny, and in case you didn't notice, this is Star Trek, not Star Wars.

Q: Yes, we were coming to that: Star Trek or Star Wars?

A: I enjoy both. OK, OK, I know what you mean. I'll put it like this: I yet have to see any major Starfleet installation being blown up by a nine-year-old who accidentally pressed the Start button.

Q: What sort of software do you use?

A: As simple as possible. I take the screen dumps with a free software called GOM Player. I do the graphics in Paint.net. The morphs in The Man Trap are done with a free plugin to Paint.net, and it's amazing to me that a klutz with no training using modern freeware can get basically as good results as a TV studio full of experts could in the 1960s, with the provision that they were a bit crap at setting the actors up to make the blend go smoothly. I mean, the McCoy-to-Nancy morph doesn't seem to have them in the same freaking room, and the lighting is all wrong.

Q: You're not being funny!

A: That's not a question, really. But some panels aren't funny because the plot has to advance. And it's more of a situational comedy and intertextual thingymajig than a punchline type of comedy, anyway. And I'm aware that I have a slightly odd sense of humour. And I don't bother to explain what I think is funny. But if you fundamentally find everything about Space Walkabout unfunny, then your solution is to... <checks notes> Right, then don't laugh.

Q: Isn't your depiction of Sulu a bit racist? Stereotypically Oriental mysticism sort of thingy.

A: Read his lines again, will you? The secret is that he's poking gentle fun at the prejudices of everyone around him. 

Q: I'm confused. Do the characters know that they are in a TV show, or what?

A: That works according to the same rules as time travel in Back to the Future: Whatever gets you to the next gag. When there's a gag in it, they do. When there is a gag in them not knowing, they don't.

Q: I'm confused. Does the British spelling mean they speak British English, or what?

A: No, it means I write BE. The main characters all have their ordinary voices, at least in my head. They will also use British idioms when there's a gag in it, and some characters that I imagine speak BE (like Crater, which is obvious when you read his lines) sometimes come up with an Americanism when there's a gag in it. Basically, I'm not being careful about it, and it's not intended to be read that carefully. 

Q: Are you ging to do TNG/DS9/My fave slash fanfic?

A: No. TOS ran to 79 episodes. That's quite enough. I might not even do all episodes. Some will probably be hopeless to think of a good alternative plot for. I plan to do a few one-offs for my Patreon supporters, though, probably from TNG simply because I have the whole DVD set. 

Q: Who's your fave starship captain in Star Trek?

A: For "fun to watch", Kirk. For "well played", Picard. For "actually a good starship captain", Pike from Discovery.

Q: So, what do you think about [random non-Star Trek-related issue]?

A: People ask me questions over at Quora all the time. I very often don't answer them, though, because people have a tendency to ask me all sorts of weird things I couldn't possibly know anything about, such as the best way to gain entrance to a Lithuanian university or what my opinion is on some professional hurling player, a sport I have seen on Irish TV and am fairly convinced is lethal, but where I only have the sketchiest idea about rules and stuff. Don't let that detain you. No one else seems to let it detain them.